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Useful tips to clean and maintain genuine leather replica bags are necessary, so I’ll list some tips to clean and maintain genuine leather counterfeit bags purchasing from

1. Clean the outside every week

A leather bag can become dull over time due to oils on your skin and other factors like hairspray or perfumes. Thus, it is necessary to clean it at least once a week for reducing light soiling. Just add several drops of liquid soap to warm water, and use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of the bag. After that, use another dry, soft cloth to buff dry.


2. Clean the inside every month

The interior of a leather bag can get dirty just as the exterior. If you use it on a daily basis, then make sure to it more frequently. After emptying the contents of the bag, run a vacuum hose or lint brush along the inside lining to remove dust. Use water and soap to wash any stains and allow the bag to dry before putting back items.


3. Clean a deep stain as soon as possible

Stains, such as food, wine, and blood, should be removed from your leather bag with a good paste. Combine 1 part of tartar with 1 part of the lemon, then apply to the stained areas. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes and wipe it off.


4. Recondition twice per year

Conditioning is the best way to help your leather bag resist staining and maintain its flexibility. Mix 2 parts of linseed oil and 1 part of white vinegar in a small plastic bowl. Use a rag and rub on the leather bag in circular motions. Let it soak for 10 minutes, then use buff the bag with a dry cloth to get a beautiful shine.


Now that you have chosen your favorite replica leather bags, it is really important to know how to keep it last for a long time, and I hope the tips are helpful for you.